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Past Life Regression / Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy is based on the principle that events that have occurred in a person´s previous lifetimes can affect the present.

During therapy, past life traumas and experiences are explored. The therapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues or unfinished business in that life, and aids the integration of the experience into the present life situation. Many emotional problems and conflicts can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy.

Because many physical conditions are considered to be psychosomatic, it is found that symptoms may subside or

disappear through this therapy. Past life therapy is a rapid and effective method of healing present life issues and can be a very profound experience for both therapist as well as the client.

How can Past Life Therapy session help you?

You can get all the benefits with Past Life Therapy phone / skype sessions. After the session, you will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will experience profound level of healing at all levels.

Moreover, these sessions are


  • Safe

  • Convenient

  • Affordable

  • Easy


Amit Kohli has been helping people improve their it's time for him to help YOU...don't wait, do it NOW !!! You'll be glad you did. 


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