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I am sharing this poem for all those who want to change their lives that Theta Healing and the NLP workshop I attended under the guidance of Amit Sir taught me to write again and so much more.

That day my soul broke—

As its shroud ripped 
Leaving my essence stripped 
Time stood still!

I saw a bright blue sky 
Through the gaping hole
And a dazzling cloud 
Wearing a misty pink cloak

I asked the spirit guides
Who were watching my plight 
How can this happen—

They whispered gently
Yes, a soul can shatter if it is not tended
And once fragmented cannot be mended

But the Creator in me knew what to do
And like a whirlwind I spun the vortex 
Anti-clockwise and then clockwise
Until the turbulence settled

And with a new fervor 
A soul was reborn
Brilliant and bright!
Beautiful and full of life!

Laxmana Dalmia


Hello everyone.. I am aanchal, a programmer analyst by profession, working in a multi national organisation.. I would love to share my experience of attending the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) workshop which was organised by Mr. Amit Kohli..
it was a well structured 7 day workshop which helped me in all the aspects of my life.. I think it was the best decision of my life to invest in this workshop.. I have received innumerable benefits which includes improvement in my communication skills both verbal and written.. my level of confidence has increased manifolds.. my performance at my workplace has improved a lot..
I was very confused regarding my career earlier but during this workshop I got a clear vision as what I have to pursue in my life where I can give my best.. I ve started taking concrete steps towards it and have already passed the 1st stage successfully.. my perception towards many life and many people in my environment has changed.. I have learned to appreciate life and realised that it is very easy to live happily and enjoy life.. we have learnt various techniques to change our limiting beliefs and hence have expanded our limits and capabilities..
i have stopped doubting ourselves and have realised that all the resources lies wirhin me and I am the sole owner of everything that happens in my life.. 7 days of this workshop was a lot of fun as we learnt everything with ease and grace and there were lots and lots of fun filled moments.. we learnt to laugh on ourselves.. also made wonderful friends.. amit sir was the sole reason for all this.. I would like to thank him for everything and helping us at each and every moment.. this workshop wouldn’t have been so simple and easy to understand and learn if he wouldn’t have structured it this way.. thank u sir for making my life so beautiful.. thank u


Dubai was wonderful xperience attending NLP workshop from Amit helped me a lot. as nw i have becm more aware..more confident in expression n cmfrtable in my communication..n more open to new world..d way Sir simplified n made everythin practically useful iz worth learning..i gained insight dat life iz abt creating n making wise choices ..n dese resources lies widin us n we have freedom to choose also focussed on hw to be progressive n propellant towards practical lifegoals in a framed gave me direction n more clarity..also understood hw behaviour n attitude r imp assets n hw magically influential if properly inculcated or practised..wat makes me better person today iz i have becm less serious more joyful as nw i m able to change my state of my mind n control my reactions in more balanced way..i no longer focus on issues as problem i realised small things can bring happiness n desired change wid simply n quickly...thank U sir

By God,s grace n Amit Sir kind n everhelping attitude m already a changed person...thank U sir for conducting in special 4 wk schedule so dat i cud easily manage to avail it..also i thank aanchal n laxmana g my group friends ..with whom i had funfilled moments grtt learning xperience n memorable association...Thank U sir for all dat i have received from U...



Both Basic DNA and advance DNA has changed my life 180 degrees for the best.A lot of karma cleansing and issue resolution happened. Apart from such wonderful changes ,these workshops focussed on practical aspects of healing and self-empowerment. I have evolved as a healer and as a person. I feel like a changed person experiencing changed circumstances. All abundance, relationship and health issues have been resolved. Creator of All that is, thank you!!!
Also, Mr Amit kohli has uniquely presented the whole concept. He is brilliant as an instructor, guide and a mentor.
I would highly recommend these workshops for people who want to take ownership for their lives and wish to change it for highest and best.
Decide & Enrol for these workshops and rest assure you will surely be able to discover the new YOU.
Thank you Sir and thank u creator.
Thank you Brilliance in Life



Theta Healing Advanced Workshop: This course is like a ultimate pilgrimage for every seeker. Now I can meet CREATER every day, talk to him, seek HIS guidance, solve and resolve all limiting issues in my life. The course seem so easy and joyful, the way Mr. Kohli conducted it. We received not only concepts but applied them and practiced it so much during the workshop that by the time it came to end each one of us was confident as a professional healer.

Thank You AMIT SIR,

Thank You CREATER,




THE magic of creator has started , thanks a ton .
I am greatful to u Amit sir



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Full 5 stars

1st & 2nd star - for brilliant guidance of Amit sir

3rd - videos for more clarification and awareness

4th - for more practicals

5th - unmatched experiences and results



An amazing workshop, yet again... Amit, am very grateful to you for guiding us to benefit in the highest and best way from Creators perspective. Simple prayers to the creator do so much. Two days of bliss and deep meditation which I was wanting to experience for so long.
I would like to thank all the wonderful people who were a part of the workshop and shared their enriching experiences with us.

Thank you all...Thank you Creator and Thank you Amit.



An unbelievable blissful experience!



It was a very enriching experience. I loved it. As soon as I entered the venue I felt sudden rush of energy. The meditation was very blissful and I feel that a lot of positive karmas got credited to my account. Thank you creator and amit sir.



It was a blissful experience. i could visualise changes at the DNA level and felt energies entering my body. i experienced a blissful connection..experience very difficult to express in words. I thank Amitji who is really putting so much efforts to raise our level of consciousness.



The workshop was amazing. It was an eye opener. It was entirely a different experience and was very enjoyable. Under the guidance of creator and Amit Sir, I was able to take myself to a different level which I couldn't experience before. I already had experienced so many actual changes in my life through Brilliant Sparks of God but this workshop strengthened my faith in this practice. Afterthe workshop also, I have experienced a tremendous change in me and have received many tangible and intangible benefits which has indeed made me a brilliant spark of God. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the creator and the witness Amit sir to be able to make me realize my potential and help me achieve it.



Awesome healing session...thank you has changed for the best.......yes i m sooooo connected to the creator






A very unique programme which helps us to achieve our goals with ease and grace.



Every workshop is a complete different experience. They bring in new changes in life. This workshop was amazing. I had beautiful experiences. The pain I had been suffering for past three months was gone completely in one session. I feel brilliant after this workshop and I feel this workshop will bring in a lot of abundance for me not only in terms of money but love, happiness and energy. My life force has seen a dramatic change. I can see a lot of positive changes in my life. The energy of the group was so high that I feel issues of all the members must have got resolved in highest and best way. I am looking forward to write many more changes I will be experiencing in future. The most important, I would like to thank Amit sir for your wonderful guidance and Creator of All that is.



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