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What is meditation?

Meditation is a technique and a powerful tool to bring body, mind and spirit to perfect norm. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in various forms.

The meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force called Qi, Ki, Prana, etc.

Meditation helps to develop patience, compassion, unconditional love, generosity and forgiveness.

Meditation is a very common self improvement modality. This has been included as part of the Coaching to increase the effectiveness of the coaching, awareness of Clients and providing tools for empowerment. These are known to work wonders in improving the overall health and the function of all the organs in the body.

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Benefits of Meditation

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation allows us to find our inner peace and make it part of our day to day life. It has many benefits such as improved health, reduced stress, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, positive thoughts, better focus, improved thought control and deep sense of calmness and connection to Creation.

Meditation allows us to experience inner calmness and well-being. Medical research has shown that meditation offers many benefits including slowing down breathing, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress hormone levels. This leads to lowerfatigue, stress and enhanced energy and vitality.    

Some of the most common benefits of using this modality are: 


• Improvement in the rate of breathing 

• Reduction in the heart rate as well as the wear and tear of the heart

• Helping the body get rid of excessive fat and weight

• Curing problems that are related to the digestive system 

• Enhancing the functioning of several organs, including the kidneys, pancreas, intestines, diaphragm, lungs and the heart 

• Removing the toxins from the body 

• Preventing various diseases by strengthening the immune system 

• Getting rid of negative emotions like depression, anger, arrogance, greed & so on

• Improving the circulation of blood throughout the body 

• Reducing blood pressure, by relaxing the body and soothing the nerves 


Meditation is an exceptional tools to get results in Physical, Mental and Spiritual domains. 

Simple ways and methods of meditation

Simple ways and methods of meditation

Breath meditation: Focus on breathing is the simplest method of meditation. By concentrating on breath, one can achieve deep state of meditation

Walking meditation: In this meditation, one focuses on the process of walking.

Mantra meditation: In mantra meditation, mantras (power words) are repeated over and over. Apart from achieving meditative state, mantras help achieve specific goals also. Aum meditation is type of mantra meditation.

Visualization meditation: This meditation is very easy and useful to visually oriented people. This involves visualizing a particular object.

Passage meditation: In this method, passages from various religious scriptures or inspirational passages are repeated. Memorizing these passages and repeating them is common approach.

Sense meditation: In this meditation, a person focuses on one sense like hearing, feeling, etc. This also help achieve deep states of consciousness.

Types of meditation

Types of Meditation

Meditation classes

Many different types of meditation have evolved overcenturies and are classified in main five categories:

  1. Concentration Meditation

  2. Creative / Dynamic Meditation

  3. Mindfulness Meditation

  4. Analytical / Reflective Meditation

  5. Heart Chakra Meditation

Concentration Meditation

Concentration meditation is done with the aim of building concentration by focusing on an object or nothingness. This helps to remove distractions, allow the body to relax and mind to enter a calm and awaken state. Om meditation, Chakra meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen meditation are examples of this type of meditation.

Creative / Dynamic / Visualization Meditation

This meditation helps develop different qualities of mind by using visualization and other faculties of mind. This helps strengthening qualties like confidence, joy, happiness, patience, compassion, unconditional love, empathy, gratitude, etc

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is extremely powerful technique. In this meditation, focus is on being "mindful" and receptive toward any action or objects within awareness. Common mindfulness meditations are Vipassana meditation, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Deep breathing meditation, Mindful breathing & Mindful eating.

Analytical / Reflective meditation

Reflective meditation focus is on analysis or reflection on a chosen a question, theme, or topic. Knowing concentration meditation helps to do this type of meditation since focus is required on chosen topic. This is also referred as  disciplined thinking or analytical meditation. This has calming effect on mind and provide strength to change life. Common topics / questions used are "Who am I?", "What is the true purpose of my life?" , etc


Heart Chakra meditation

Heart Chakra meditation technique helps in opening the heart chakra and removes any blockages and negative energy. This meditation help to heal heart of self and others. This meditation is also called Heart-centred meditation as it releases fears and sadness and fill heart and life with kindness and compassion.

Simple Tips for meditation

Simple Tips for meditation

  • Sit for silence for few minutes before the meditation. This calms the mind and lowers heartbeat and breathing.

  • Length of mediation should be increased gradually. Mediate for a duration which is comfortable to you and increase time with ease and without strain after regular practice.

  • Initially, quiet place for meditation will be required. Expert meditators can meditate almost anywhere.

  • Fixing time and place helps in the meditation process.

  • Avoid meditating while lying down as there is tendency of falling asleep.

  • Focusing on breath is a very common and easy way to meditate.

  • The silent state during meditation can be utilized as per your intent and goals. Many people use this state to connect to God, experience bliss while others use to focus on desired outcome.

  • Be aware of how life is changing because of doing meditation. The results and benefits help to sustain the practice.

  • Good posture is important during meditation as it helps in breathing easily, allows proper flow of energy and enable faster relaxation of body. 

  • Meditation is to be done gently and not forced. This leads to relaxed body along with aware and calm mind.

  • While meditating, people tend to lose track of time. To address this, people usually set an alarm / timer with gentle & soothing tone so the time is not a concern while meditating.

  • Meditation is easiest to do when there is not attachment to the results. With practice, results come automatically.

  • While in meditation, person needs to be comfortable. However, too much comfort could lead to falling asleep. Identify and use the posture and place which helps you meditate easily.

  • It is common for people to have distracting thoughts. Continue to focus, the intensity and frequency of these distractions will come down and you will be able to meditate easily with time and regular practice.

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