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As a New Year 2018 gift from Brilliance in Life and Brilliance in Biz and to celebrate 6th year of operations of one of our Delhi Centres, Amit Kohli would be facilitating FREE distance healing and change sessions. You might be aware that there could different reasons, causes and sources of illnesses, diseases, stress, relationship issues, financial concerns and career challenges. However, it is always possible to find a solution. These sessions are an effort in this direction.

How to know whether the session is for you?

This session is for you if

1.       You want to improve your life.

2.       You want to solve a problem or an issue

3.       You are willing to sit through the session and experience changes

4.       You are willing to provide feedback and progress status so that the sessions can be conducted accordingly.

5.       Are willing to take action to achieve your goals and solve your problems.

6.       Want to benefit others and make our world a better place.

7.       Are ready to approach the session with an open mind and have new experiences.

What are the charges?

This is FREE of charge session and NOT a demo session. People who value their time and want to achieve their goals and want to get rid of unwanted quickly are welcome.

How to register?

You can register by filling the form

Can I register multiple people using single form?

No, please submit each healing request separately by filling forms individually for each person.

Can I share this information?

Sure, this session if for benefit of people and society. Please feel free to share this information to people who might be interested. Each person need to register by filling the above mentioned form.

When is the session frequency?

The session will be conducted regularly-weekly or fortnightly. You will receive email from our side.

Please note: Healing request has to be submitted for each session. If you have attended a previous session, please provide progress status so that session is conducted accordingly.

What is duration of the session?

The session will vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You will be informed accordingly.

Where can I attend the session?

In comfort of your home / office

What are the guidelines for the session?
Guidelines to benefit from the session are: 
1. Sit in a quiet place at specified time with intent of connecting to "Brilliance in Life" session and benefit from it. 
2. Please ensure you fill the form completely and correctly so that you are included in distance  / remote healing session. Complete address is NOT required. Only location / City / Country is required. The information in form will uniquely identify you to receive benefits of the distance healing session. In case more information is required for the session, you will be provided a phone number on which you can call at predefined time.
3. Please ensure you receive confirmation mail with session guidelines. In case, you don't receive mail, please check your spam folder / add & in contacts / address list so that confirmation mail is not directed to spam folder.
4. You might also receive other support information and session aids such as mp3 downloads.
5. Distance / location is not a limitation to benefit from this session.
6. For any clarification, please email
7. In case you are interested to benefit from this powerful session, you can register by filling the form on


Where can I learn more about the facilitator – Amit Kohli?

Amit Kohli is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant and strategist. He is a licensed trainer and an expert of international repute in personal & business success and transformation. He is also on the board of Trustees for Project ECHO®. Project ECHO® is a collaborative model of medical education and care management that empowers clinicians everywhere to provide better care to more people, right where they live.

 Amit has a vast experience of working for top fortune multinationals; has enriched the lives of thousands of people, coached top executives & business owners and enabled them to attain success and brilliance.

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Amit Kohli and the Brilliance in life Team

Brilliance in Life™            

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