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Brilliance in Life™ Super Riches and Goal Achievement Workshop

" Brilliance in Life™ - Super Riches and Goal Achievement" Workshop is a unique and one of the most powerful programs on Planet to attain Super Riches and Goal Achievement by renowned Spiritual Healer, Energy Healer, Master Life Coach & Trainer, Thetahealer and Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past life Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Personal & Business Success Coach & Expert Mr. Amit Kohli.


The program is based on Brilliance in Life Equation to achieve rapid and instant results. The highlight of the workshop is the extensive work done beyond conscious and even unconscious levels during the two days.


The program resolves roots of issues creating blockages in achieving Super Riches and Goal Achievement. Because of this resolution, success in these areas happens with ease and grace. This program is uniquely customized and applicable to each person who attends it.


The workshop uses a unique approach to resolve issues using an experiential change process for quick and permanent changes using Spiritual & Energy Healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Brilliance in Life Model. The program eliminates any blocks from activating the Law of Attraction. The Law of Karma & Law of Deservedness are also activated.

Benefits: How to know this workshop is for you?

1. Do you want to be Super Successful in your career / business / profession and achieve all the riches you desire?

2. Do you want to remove persistent health and fitness issues related to Goal Achievement and Super Riches?


3. Do you want to be more abundant and financially successful?

4. Do you want Improve your relationship with Money and success?

5. Do you want to identify, prioritize and achieve your Goals with ease and grace?


6. Do you want Law of Attraction to finally work for you?


7. Do you want to know and apply secrets of manifesting?


8. Do you want to live your dream life of Super Riches and Abundance?

and much more...

If yes, then this workshop is for you.

About the Workshop:

In this experiential workshop, issues related to Super Riches and Goal Achievement will be resolved using an approach encompassing (but not limited to) the following areas:

—Clearing of blocks to Super Riches

—Clearing of blocks to Goal Achievement

—Clearing of weaknesses to Numbers

—Removal of Fear of Success

—Removal of Fear of Failure

—Clearing of blocks to Abundance

—Clearing of blocks to Confidence

—Clearing of blocks to Motivation

—Reprogramming the negative beliefs to positive ones

—Clearing Genetic and Collective Consciousness Programming regarding Riches and success


—NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming)

—Past Life Issues resolution

 —Cleaning of Mind, body and Spirit to attract greater Super Riches and abundance

—Energy Field and Colours

 —Colours and their impact on Money / abundance

—Chakras and impact on Money / abundance

—5 Elements and Money / abundance

—Relationship with Money / Career / abundance

—Mind Shift from poverty consciousness to wealth Consciousness

—Deletion of Self Sabotage Programs

—Tuning self to frequency of Super Riches   

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