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Brilliance in Life™ - Perfect weight & Fitness

"Perfect Weight & Fitness with ease & joy-automatically!!" Workshop is a unique and powerful programs by renowned Spiritual Healer, Master Life Coach & Trainer, Thetahealer and Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past life Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Personal & Business Success and Transformation Expert Mr. Amit Kohli.

This workshop enable people to achieve their desired Perfect Weight & Fitness with ease & joy automatically. This workshop is extremely helpful to people who have tried almost everything and have lost hope of losing weight and attaining their perfect figure and weight.

How to know whether this workshop is for you?

Are you tired of following weight loss tips and diets?

Have you lost hope of having your perfect figure?


Are you unable to control your eating habits?


Do you feel frustrated of unable to achieve your desired weight?


Are you fed-up of nagging from your family and friends related to your weight?


Do you feel awkward of going out in public because of being overweight?

Are you tired of continuing your weight loss / exercise routine and want an easier and joyful way?

If yes, this program can change your life!!

About the Workshop

How would you feel if you see yourself in mirror with a perfect weight and figure?

How is it going to impact you in your personal and professional front?


How will you feel to hear complements from others regarding your weight and figure?


How is it going to help you achieve your goals and desired relationships?

If you are ready to achieve more than just perfect weight and are open to these changes to positively influence other areas of your life such as relationships, finances, career, health and much more, this is the right approach for you.

The program uses a unique and powerful process from ancient wisdom and modern technology to achieve desired weight with ease and joy. For majority of people, it is hard for them to lose / gain weight. However, contrary to common belief, weight management can be a joyful and easy process. There is no need to fight to lose / gain weight!! We just need to know how to do it – automatically.

This program works on resolving deep routed issues related to weight gain / loss making it easy for people to achieve their desired result. The work involves resolving issues at Mental, emotional, Physical and Spiritual levels to deliver faster and sustainable results. This workshop is an experiential learning and change process to be in auto mode for perfect weight.

The workshop will also help you

· Enhance your ability to easily follow the actions required to achieve the perfect weight

· Synergize your Mind, Body and spirit to get the desired results

· Ensure that your body supports you in the change process

· Work on your body systems so that they are ready for this change

· Remove parasitic energies from your body

· Be in the auto mode to perfect weight


Are you Ready for a new YOU?

You will be amazed to see the positive result in shortest time that too with ease and joy!!

Register or contact Brilliance in Life Team for more details.

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