During the meditation, if you are asked to focus on a chakra and chant it's beej mantra, please use the following chart. Please go through this chart before the session. Chant this mantras with focus on the center of the chakra. For example, for Muladhara Chakra, focus on its center and chant beej mantra LAM.

Beej Mantras for Chakras and names.jpg


Q. What are important things I need to do and understand?



  1. Switch off your mobile and other distractions and sit in a quiet place for the session. Some people report that they get distracted during the session because of phone calls. Remember, YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS. Nobody will value it unless you do. So, switch off your mobile please.

  2. Having a stable and fast internet is required for the session so that you don’t miss out on important information.

  3. This is not an intellectual process but an experiential one. You need not understand the process to benefit from it. Just as you need not know all the laws of electricity to benefit from it and use it. Sometimes too much analytical thinking interfere with the process of healing and change. So JUST ENJOY THE SESSION & FOLLOW THE STEPS.

  4. What you hear and see is just a tip of iceberg of the entire session. There are many other processes happening which will aid in your healing and changes. Comparing this session with what you already know might not be possible and helpful. In fact, it might be detrimental to receive benefits from the session.

  5. Only few participants might find difficulty in imagining. That’s okay. Stick with the process and you will find your imagination and visualization improve with each session.

  6. Imagination and visualization is used in broader sense. You can use any of your senses of sight, smell, and hearing during the session.

  7. Be gentle to yourself, you are learning a new skill which might take some time to full develop.



Q. How long does it take to heal / change? Q. On what factors healing depends? Would like to know how frequent it can be..I meant what duration we can keep for early cure? How much effort I need to put to heal / change myself? How much effort I need to put to change myself? How frequently I need to attend sessions?



It depends on many factors. Some of the factors are:

1. The intensity of the issue to be resolved or habit or pattern to be changed. 

Generally, however not always, the deeper the issue, greater the effort, support and skill required.

2. The sincerity of the person.

Are you taking responsibility for your life?

Are you doing meditation or self improvement activities on daily basis?

Are your daily activities in alignment with what you want?

For example, if you want to be healthy and fit, are you doing what is required to be healthy and fit.


3. Positive thinking, your beliefs and expectations are critical factors.

Many studies have indicated that your beliefs and expectations influence not only your body and mind but also the results you get.

4. Gratitude and acknowledging the positive changes is very important. 

This helps to be at the frequency of what you want. For example many times people take things in life for granted. They realize the value only after losing them. Nowadays, you might find people losing health while chasing money only to later lose all money to chase health. Remember, one need not loose things in life to REALIZE ITS VALUE.

With so much free material available on the internet, people are taking things for granted. Hence, they are unable to benefit from them. I have seen people who VALUE my free sessions and information, get greater and faster results. These sessions are PRICELESS & PRECIOUS and not limited to what you hear and see. Please attend the session for the entire duration to get maximum benefit. I usually not only work on the issues you have shared during but also after the session. At your end, you need to do something so that you FEEL DESERVING to receive the benefits of the session. I even recommend people who attend my workshops and are my consulting and coaching clients, to attend my free sessions.

5. Providing feedback helps to continue what works and address specific issues.

I continue to work on a list of people even after the session. However, I usually remove people from the list who don’t appear sincere, don’t provide feedback and are not grateful for what they have received. Remember the example I usually share about receiving $ one million or Rs one crore and not appreciating, acknowledging and grateful for it. What happens? You don’t get even a penny more in future.

6. To heal and change, the regeneration has to be faster than degeneration.

The more you work on yourself (mind-body and spirit), the better for you. 

7. All healing is self healing.

Medicines, healing therapies and people just create an environment for the body to heal and regenerate.

Many times, people have already exhausted all options before they turn to self healing. They impatiently expect instant results while there body’s lymphatic system / immune and healing system is completely destroyed. Remember, to heal and change, the regeneration has to be faster than degeneration. Thus, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE provided you know how to do it and put sufficient effort and time in that direction. The more you work on yourself (mind-body and spirit), the better for you. The responsibility is TOTALLY yours.